PBS Launches LearningMedia, a New Digital Repository for Educational Content

PBS is launching a new repository of digital resources for educators today. PBS LearningMedia offers free access to thousands of pieces of digital content, including videos, interactive media, and support materials. That material comes not just from PBS, but from over 30 local member stations, as well as from other publicly funded organizations including the National Archives, NASA, and the Library of Congress.

The LearningMedia content covers all subject areas, and despite the association of PBS (well, Sesame Street) with early learners, the materials cover all age groups as well. In fact about 40% of the content on the site is targeted at grades 9 thru 12. The site is easily searchable, and lets teachers save, share and organize materials.

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The Complete Dropbox for Educators


A collection of eight excellent articles to help any educator get started with the free online storage service, Dropbox.

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in the cloud: Using Video Game Soundtracks for Writing Excercises


Have you ever thought of using music to stimulate writing activity in English?

This is a nice little activity to stimulate a little writing in class. I have used it to practice relative clauses but there’s no reason that you can’t just forget a language focus and just get learners to write….


Make your own water colors tutorial


Make your own water colors tutorial

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Merry Brides: DIY Chalkboards


What you need

* Chalkboard Paint (I got this rustolem brand paint at home depot – $10)

* Foam paint brushes (also home depot, about $0.79 each!)

* Wooden Shapes to Paint (heart available at any craft store)

* Fasteners – we used mini clothespins (JoAnn – about $3 for the pack)

* T

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…We can tell our children that school is important until we’re blue in the face, they’re not stupid. They see the loudest applause is for the kids on the field. They know teachers are paid poorly and don’t drive fancy cars. They know people plan Super Bowl parties but mock the National Spelling Bee. In other words, they see the hypocrisy, and we can’t expect society to correct itself. If we want to have any lasting influence on the way our kids approach education — the way future generations approach education — then we have to grab our pom-poms and paint our faces and celebrate intellectual curiosity with the same vigor we do their athletic achievements.

a little lamb: 8 Ways to Engage Your Child in Service Learning.


Nelda Brown, director of the National Service-Learning Partnership, advocates, “Service-learning gives kids an opportunity to show what they can do and make a real difference.” In her article 8 Ways to Engage Your Child in Service-Learning, Samantha Cleaver provides easy and innovative ways to…

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How Online Education Is Changing the Way We Learn [INFOGRAPHIC]


How Online Education Is Changing the Way We Learn [INFOGRAPHIC]
Over the past decade or so, the Internet has become a huge source of information and education, especially for those who might be short on time, money or other resources. And it’s not just crowdsourced data collections like Wikipedia or single-topic blogs that encourage individual learning; h…

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Khan Academy goes global with crowdsourced subtitles


The Khan Academy is expanding its reach beyond the English-language world, thanks to community-provided subtitles. Those subtitles will add translations to more than two dozen languages on videos of the popular education site. Khan’s internationalization efforts are aided by Universal Subtitles, a non-profit which tries to make web video more accessible to both deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers as well as international audiences through crowd-sourced captioning.